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South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association Membership Program Wants You

Since its inception in 1953, the South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association (SDSA) has made its main objective to achieve the law enforcement goals of all South Dakota Sheriffs, their Deputies, state attorneys and other law enforcement authorities in the state. 

In addition to its main focus of serving as a state-level organization to support South Dakota Sheriffs, the Association also provides training, legislative representation and educational conferences for all of its Sheriff members and their staff.  Each year, SDSA organizes two conferences with themes ranging from personnel management in law enforcement to current public safety trends - all in an effort to keep officials abreast of changing technologies, methods and resources.

While it is primarily funded from Sheriff membership, the SDSA also solicits citizen and business membership each Spring to help fund several of its programs.  Citizens and businesses become members by paying the membership dues by mail or by visiting their local Sheriff’s office and filling out a membership application.  Each member receives a membership card and a subscription to the Association’s newsletter.

To retain its membership base, renewal notices are mailed to current members along with updated credentials. 

The South Dakota Sheriffs’ Associations wants to stress that citizen memberships are solicited by MAIL ONLY—SDSA never solicits memberships by telephone.  Their “No Telemarketing” policy has been in effect since the Association’s inception and is one of the policies that differentiates the SDSA from other law enforcement organizations in South Dakota.  They NEVER make phone call solicitations and the public should be aware if they receive a phone call and they identify themselves as being with the South Dakota Sheriffs Association this should be reported.

  • Renewal mailings begin in January of each year
  • New member acqusitions begin in February of each year
  • Special appeals may go out during the summer or fall to help ongoing expenses and are completely optional