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EMPCO Pre-employment Screening:

Empco has been in the law enforcement testing business since 1985.  
Candidates pay an initial fee for taking the test.  It is good for one year and covers all sheriff offices in both North and South Dakota.  If you consider the time and distance an applicant would have to travel to take tests at each office, multiple tests at multiple test sites, the cost factor would soon be negated.  He or she takes one test at a time and location convenient to their home or school.  In addition, the candidate needs to fill out only one application for many sheriff Offices.

The candidate chooses which sheriff he or she wishes to work for or can mark they would consider positions anywhere in the Dakotas.

Conflicting test dates and locations are avoided as applicants are able to apply to multiple sheriff offices with the one test.

Applicants are able to view their score within 72 hours as are the Sheriffs.

While a county may not have a position available immediately, by being a part of this statewide system, applicants may discover an opening in a neighboring or nearby county.  When Sheriffs have an opening they are able to sign in to their account and have applicants who meet their minimum qualifications ready and waiting.  They may then reach out to those candidates either in person or by email to inquire if they are still interested.



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